Editorial Board

Claudio Ando Nicolini

Editor-in-Chief NanoWorld Journal, from its origin on January 1 2015 in USA
President, Fondazione ELBA Nicolini_Bergamo-Italy_1993
Foreign Member Russian Academy of Sciences_2008
Honoris Causa Professor Nanobiotechnology & Biophysics, Lomonosov Moscow State University _2010
President and CEO NanoWorld High tech LLC, Tempe, Arizona (USA)_2017
Email: editorinchief(at)jnanoworld.com

Editorial Board Members

Christian Riekel Complex Systems Biomedical Sciences Group, European Synchrotron Radiation Facility

Email: riekel(at)esrf.fr

Associate Editor for Soft Matter and Biological Instrumentations
Carlo Ventura Department of Specialised, Experimental, and Diagnostic Medicine, Bologna University

Email: ventura.vid(at)gmail.com

Associate Editor for Regenerative Medicine
Eugenia Pechkova Laboratories of Biophysics and Nanotechnology, DIMES, Genova University

Email: eugenia.pechkova(at)gmail.com

Associate Editor for Nanotechnology for Biophysical Characterization
Marguerite Rinaudo Grenoble-Alpes University (France)

Email: marguerite.rinaudo38(at)gmail.com

Biomaterials based on polysaccharides, including structure, characterisation, processing, and applications
Alexei R. Khokhlov Vice President Russian Academy Sciences Chair of Polymer and Crystal Physics at Lomonosov Moscow State University

Email: khokhlov(at)polly.phys.msu.ru

Polymers science and Physical Chemistry
Kostantin Skryabin Member Russian Academy Sciences, Director Bioengineering, Cobiotech Secretary

Email: skryk(at)biengi.msk.su

Gene Biotechnology
Petra Fromme Director Center Structural Discovery, Professor Molecular Sciences, ASU

Email: petra.fromme(at)asu.edu

Biomolecules with Free Electron Lasers

Advisory Board Members

Thakoor Anilkumar Jet Propulsion Laboratory, NASA, USA

Email: anilkumar.p.thakoor(at)jpl.nasa.gov

Mikhail Kirpichnikov Member Russian Academy of Sciences and Dean Biology School, MSU, RF

Email: kirpichnikov(at)inbox.ru

Boris Guseletov Institute of Europe, Russian Academy of Science, Russian Federation

Email: bguseletov(at)mail.ru

Davide Nicolini European Space Agency

Email: davide.a.nicolini(at)gmail.com